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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jango Fett's Clones Rocking the Technics

Okay more stuff on audioblogs. This site not only directs you to audioblogs that suit your musical taste but it also features a frikken’ STORM TROOPER rocking the 1200s!!!! I believe it’s the greatest picture ever seen by me on this Wednesday June 22, 2005. Skip to the end:

All the Blogs You Need

The greatest Star Wars picture ever seen by me on this day:

Scroll Down to see Storm Trooper Pic!

Wrestling Guru

Okay here's where I shill a personal pal of mine. He gets defensive when you try to tell him what to do but whatever, he knows and I know that I'm right 100% of the time. Anyways, on his site you'll find the thoughts and ramblings of a functioning herb-smoker and lifetime wrestling fan. I mean this guy actually sat through those bad years in the WWE when Hogan left, WCW wasn't the competition it turned out to be, the circus gimmicks were in full effect, Brett was the only credible wrestler, and HBK wasn't getting the push he deserved. He correctly predicted the outcome of every match at this year's Wrestlemania. Skip to the End:

Tell this guy that a blog would suit his style of posts better. Hell, even Scott Keith is hip to the blogging game now.

Cactus and the Fruits of Nature

Did I just see someone mention 3rd Bass and the UMCs on the same site? Dang - I really did, and I was thouroughly happy to also find a hard-as-hell to find white label release of Q-Tip on there as well. O-Dub's Soul-Sides audioblog is a place for all things dope. Check it:


Oliver Wang also has poplicks to amuse yourself with as well. You can find that link on the Soul-Sides site.

MP3 Blogs Killed the Video Star

Radio sucks. This we all know. Well, okay, not KCRW but they did play the hell out of M.I.A. last year. My new aural vice is rocking MP3 blogs. If this isn't new for you - so what, you can officially call yourself a cool hipster. Anywho - there are people out there with great taste in music or at least like the same stuff I do. I came across this site earlier this year and filled a cup and then some. I suggest you check it out and perhaps you'll find the tune that your soul was looking for.


There are 8 million MP3 blogs out there. This is just one of them.